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Established in 1971, China Minzhong Food Corporation Limited (“Minzhong”) is a leading integrated vegetable processor in the PRC and was named a ‘National Leading Dragon Head Enterprise’ by the PRC government in 2002 in recognition of our status as a leading agricultural enterprise.

With our own geographically diversified cultivation bases, a network of vegetable suppliers, and our continuously improving cultivation methods, we are able to ensure a consistent and stable supply of a variety of fresh vegetables. These fresh vegetables are sold domestically and used as raw material at our processing facilities. We offer more than 100 types of processed vegetables that are processed using methods such as air drying, freeze-drying, fresh-packing and brining.

Today, our products are distributed across four continents spanning 26 different countries and regions including the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Vision and Values

Our vision is to be the preferred producer of top quality fresh and processed vegetables globally.

We are committed to adopting international standards of management throughout our business and aim to pursue excellence in everything that we do.