Our Business

Key Products

We offer a diversified and complementary product portfolio which includes both processed vegetables and fresh vegetables produce.

Processed Vegetables

Produced in six processing facilities located in five provinces in the PRC (namely Fujian Province (two facilities), Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province, Inner Mongolia and Shanghai), we have over 100 types of processed vegetables including air-dried, freeze-dried, fresh-packed and brined products.

Types of Processed Products Illustration

We also produce other processed vegetable products including fruit and vegetable juices, instant vermicelli, water-boiled vegetables and other local products that are mainly sold in the PRC.

Fresh Vegetables Produce

Sold primarily in the domestic PRC markets, we source and secure fresh vegetable supplies from across 14 provinces in the PRC. Our fresh vegetables are also the main raw materials required for processed products. Our geographically diversified sources of fresh vegetables provide us with a consistent and stable supply of a variety of vegetables throughout the year.